Jane Smith Back

Hey! How's it going?

1:20:42 PM

Not bad... i guess. What about you? Haven't gotten any updates from you in a long time.

1:20:46 PM

Yeah! I've been a bit busy lately. I'll get back to you soon enough.

1:20:54 PM

Alright, take care then.

1:21:01 PM
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Info Tiles

With our info tiles you can easily show quick stats without the buzz and fuzz of any plugins. It can be clickable if you wrap it in a a tag, or not if it's in a div

<a class="info-tiles tiles-info">
    <div class="tiles-heading">
        <div class="pull-left">New Members</div>
        <div class="pull-right"><i class="fa fa-caret-up"></i> 9.8%</div>
    <div class="tiles-body">
        <div class="pull-left"><i class="fa fa-group"></i></div>
        <div class="pull-right">125</div>

Shortcut Tiles

Shortcut tiles can be used to focus on links and can even contain notifications

<a href="#" class="shortcut-tiles tiles-info">
    <div class="tiles-body">
        <div class="pull-left"><i class="fa fa-home"></i></div>
        <div class="pull-right"><span class="badge">2</span></div>
    <div class="tiles-footer">
        Project Home